My Story!


Welcome to Knitwits and Yarns!

I began knitting at around the age of 22 and have hardly put my needles down since. For me, knitting is a craft that is so much more than the cliche "grandma hobby". Over the past several years, knitting has gathered a lot of traction amongst people who want to slow down and create unique garments with their hands. I feel as though this is the true power of knitting. Give someone some needles and yarn and they can produce almost anything. My journey has been relatively slow paced as I've struggled to come to terms with being a male knitter, but in recent years, I've been trying to create designs that will encourage even more male knitters to take on this age old craft. My designs are ungendered, simplistic and stylish takes on modern oversized knitwear.

Follow along and enjoy the journey.